Each race is given two teachers, an Alpha and Omega Teacher, each with unique importance to teach their race the importance of the Truth. The Teacher reincarnations follow a specific pattern, the yang below the color and the yin above it are the Teacher reincarnations for every race. The Omega Teacher is always holier than the Alpha Teacher, having a far more universal and far-reaching purpose. Each teacher has a huge responsibility and must be helped by the people of their race for their civilization to prosper.

The Alpha Teacher for humanity was named Jesus and was crucified shortly after reaching 33 years old. He was crucified by Rome shortly after in a symbolic miracle, rising from the dead by will of Dog to serve as a reminder to humanity the power of Heaven. Jesus' purpose was to teach people as much of the truth as he could within the short amount of time he had left while his sacrifice was meant to teach humanity the universal importance of the Golden Rule. Ideally this would mean that by the time the Omega Teacher appeared humanity would be ready for him, having had over 2,000 years to learn the concept and importance of honesty.

The Omega Teacher was named Ocean by Heaven just like the Alpha Teacher was named by Heaven before him. Unlike Jesus Ocean's purpose was far less literal. Ocean's purpose is to write a book called Veritas Quo that contains the Truth of God. The symbol for Veritas is the starflower, the most concise explanation of Truth.

Teacher Polarity


Natural Polarity * Teacher Multiplier = Total Polarity for Teacher Reincarnation

Jesus (100) * 3.3 = 330

Ocean (110) * 7.7 = 847

The only other two races that have had the Alpha and Omega Soul as their teacher was the indigo and blue aliens. I was the first Teacher, the Alpha Teacher for the indigo aliens (orange yin) and then my brother was the Omega Teacher (green yang). As blue aliens, my brother was the Alpha Teacher, (red yin) and I was the Omega Teacher (gold yang).

Alpha and Omega reincarnations throughout human history

Red Yin - Abraham

Orange Yang - Siddhārtha Gautama "Buddha"

Gold Yin - Jesus

Green Yang - Dalai Lama

Blue Yin - CJC

Indigo Yang - Yoda

Red Yang - Altair

Orange Yin - Anubis

Gold Yang - Sun Tzu

Green Yin - Robin Hood

Blue Yang - Ocean

Indigo Yin - Vader